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How to work this?

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Hi, I need real help from who ever can help me out.....


1) I'm from the UK and have just recently started this Shopify store and sold 2 things to myself in order for the page to receive my shipping info  using these 2 SMAR7 apps, as a result of this my store currency is stuck in GBP! 

However, i have changes the currency formatting to USD as i'm trying to target the US now instead of UK because the UK requires VAT and all which i don't have, so now i'm stuck paying for this thing and not able to sell nothing? what's going on?

(Basically can i avoid this VAT and TAX as well as selling to countries outside the EU whilst my store currency is in GBP and me being based in UK?)


2) Is this worth the hastle anymore?

Because i'm looking everywhere for help and these guru guys Alex Becker and Devin Zanders claim that they'll support me every step of the way but will only support me as long as i pay for their services and ask questions they're willing to answer that's in benifit of those services, and i've sent my question to Shopify support team and i don't know if help will be actually helpful or even come at all.


3) is there anywhere or anyone i can ask questions to like a live chat *FOR FREE WITHOUT A FEE* about all my questions and queries when and when ever i need it at hand that'll be extremely helpful to me. Much appreciated.  

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