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I'm a little confused about taxes right now.

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Hi everyone, 


So I'm creating a dropshipping store in Belgium, and now I was wondering. 

If I sell to the US, where I would like to try out and then conquer the world (obviously). What about taxes, do I have to charge taxes and pay them to the US? Since I have no warehouse, no staff, no office in any of the states, I just sell to them.. 

I found information saying that when you have an office, staff or warehouse in the state then you have to pay taxes in that state.. Couldn't find info about having an online store in Belgium (EU) selling to the USA.. 


Thank you in advance, 

Kind regards, 


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Hi Cedric, 

Nick here from Shopify. ?

Great question. Since you are based in Belgium, it would be the Belgian tax laws you are under. The first thing we suggest is to consult with your local tax office or an accountant about what specific rates to set for your taxes. Taxes are very different everywhere across the world and because of that, Shopify can't set the tax rates for each store automatically. Shopify does have a helpful guide going through everything you need to know for setting up taxes in a non-US country which you can find here

Regarding setting up taxes for an office or warehouse. I'm thinking it could be the POS taxes you could be referring to. Setting up taxes for a Point of Sale (POS) store is slightly different as you must charge the correct amount of tax for the actual physical location you are in. So if you are based out of Belgium, but travel to England and sell via POS, for example, you would need to charge tax rates for England. Shopify also has a guide for setting up tax rates for POS here

Don't hesitate to ask should you have any other questions about anything. 

All the best. Nick


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