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I need to enter product prices with more than two decimal places?

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Hello, community...


I am setting up a UK store for a VAT registered company who ships internationally and has B2B trade wholesale tax-exempt customers, and have had to configure my tax settings accordingly. This has resulted in my product prices being Net as opposed to VAT inclusive.


However, if I want a VAT inclusive price of £16.95, I would need to enter a net price of £14.125 which Shopify doesn't allow. So I am left to choose between an inclusive price of either £16.94 or £16.96, neither of which the client wants. I was told that if I export my products via a CSV, change the format of the pricing column to 3 decimal places and reimport it would work, however. It hasnt, a price of example £19.125 becomes £19,125.00! See screenshots.


I need to resolve this issue quickly as the client is not happy. 😞 can anybody help, please?



Thanks...Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.56.27.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.56.02.png

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