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Illinois taxes and reporting it

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Hi all! So I am new to having my own little side hustle business. I have created my Illinois my tax account to report my sales tax that I have been collecting on my website(haven’t been assigned to report weekly, monthly, or quarterly yet). I registered my account and it shows that I have a negative balance. 1- where did this come from? 2- it doesn’t match the tax collections number from my Shopify website? This type of thing is way above my head, so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to do everything correctly and the “right way” but this stuff makes it hard to know that what you are doing is right.Thanks!

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That’s probably a question for Illinois. Setting up a sales tax account through the Department of Revenue is free, and they shouldn’t be charging you any “fees”, nor would they have the information to know what you owe at this point if it’s your first filing.


Are you using any third party apps for sales tax?

Anthony Booth
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No I am not using a third party app. When setting up my Shopify website I just set it up to collect sales tax.