Im looking for specific Reports

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Hello everyone, 


in order for me to do my taxes in NL im trying to find/download specific reports divided in 3 subjects




in this section I need a report that shows me:


  1. - Selling price ( includes VAT )
  2. sales price excluding VAT
  3. - Payment type
  4. - Product

I was able to get this from Shopify where I was also able to find my subscriptions for any app that I pay for and the Fee's that I pay shopify, Success.


Purchasing costs


  1. Cost of product
  2. Shipping cost
  3. payment type
  4. product

this is the part where I have issues with. Oberlo should have all of my data that I have summorized above since im using their platform to buy / store my orders from Aliexpress. But for some reason they do not offer this function for whatever reason they have. Big fail Need help/guidance with this part.


Payment methode


I can get this from Mollie. where I was also able to find my Fee's for using their payment platform. Success



If anyone can help me in the right direction as to how to get these Purchasing cost Reports. Just to make a statement I am not looking for a paid subscription app. Im looking for a solution to this mess. if there is absolutly no way around this then please let me know.

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