Include VAT in price for EU printful customers

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I am using printful and they charge me the VAT for all the EU orders.

I am a US based company (not VAT registrered) so when I sell a product on Shopify the VAT is not included but then Printful charges it to me.

How can I avoid getting the VAT cut off my profits?


Thank you.

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Hey, it's Daniella from Printful here. 

We'll apply VAT to orders that are fulfilled in our European facilities and that have a delivery address also within the EU. You can read more about it in our FAQ on VAT here. In case of any more detailed questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support by website chat or—we'll try to explain this in greater detail—or consult with a tax specialist. 

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Hi Daniela, 


Thank your answer. I understand why you guys charge taxes.

As taxes are different in every states in the US or in EU (with VAT), I'm wondering how I can charge my customers for the taxes depending on where they're from ( I want to avoid raising my prices the same for everybody). 

Anyone has found a work around?




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I am also struggling with this. Has anyone found a solution? Basically, need to increase price by 21% just for customers shipping to the EU. Since Printful handles shipping, we can't add it as a "handling" fee. And since we're not registered to collect VAT, we can't add the tax directly and transparently to the customer (which would be ideal). 

The only thing I've found are these apps, both of which cost $30/month and are not worth it given our volume of EU sales.

Multi-Country Pricing:

Pricing by Country and Currency:

Actually, I think this is the request: Can Shopify please implement a tax setting for VAT to be included in the sales price when customer is in the EU? 


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Any suggestion or luck with this one?

I am looking at a similar issue... just digging into it now tho.

Maybe this is a stupid idea... a little newer to this.  Are you using flat rate shipping?  Is it possible to just increase the price of shipping for those locations?  Most of my orders are about the same price so technically it would work for me, I just dont know if those flat rates are synced by printful at some cadence so my update would get over-written.  Thats atleast what I am exploring at the moment.  

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I am also struggling with this. Has anyone found a solution? How can this problem be solved?