Inquiry on Tax Obligations and Form W-8BEN Submission for Dropshipping

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Hello 👋


I am a South Korean resident planning to sell products using the dropshipping print on demand model through the integration of Shopify and Printify. As I anticipate generating revenue from this venture, I seek guidance on the proper procedures for tax compliance.


Could you please advise on the following:


1. As a non-U.S. resident, how should I report and pay taxes generated from sales in the United States?

2. Is it necessary for me to submit a Form W-8BEN through your platform to certify my foreign status and claim tax treaty benefits?

3. If submission of Form W-8BEN is required, could you provide instructions on how to submit it via Shopify, or should it be filed directly with the IRS?

4. Are there any additional forms or steps I need to be aware of to ensure compliance with U.S. tax law?


Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated as I aim to maintain proper tax practices from the onset of my business operations.


Thank you for your time and support.

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