Inventory Management, Purchasing, and Receiving

Inventory Management, Purchasing, and Receiving

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I recently converted from Quickbooks POS to Shopify and while I find the front-end of Shopify more efficient, the inventory managment, purchasing and receiving functions of Shopify and Stocky leave a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency and accounting controls.   I have two questions:  1.  Is there a better app for inventory purchasing and receiving than Stocky?  2.  What is the best platform to communicate improvements needed in the existing Shopify and Stocky apps?


I am a boutique owner/CPA and spent time in the Big 4 - it is pretty obvious dollars need to be spent with qualified accounting/finance consultants to improve the back end functions of the current program.  


Shopify customer service has the audio equivalent of a blank stare when speaking with them on these topics

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Hi there!

We built ReplenishMe after my wife’s inadequate experience of using Stocky in her e-com stores. 

Easy to set up, and simple to use, ReplenishMe will forecast, raise POs, and receipt, while giving useful insights. It can handle bundles, and will also print labels on receipt of required. 

if you’re keen for a demo please reach out!



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I made the conversion from QBPOS in Jan 2023 and echo your concerns regarding the inventory management, purchasing and receiving functions on Shopify. Stocky is pretty awful actually. In QBPOS parlance creating a PO and then receiving merchandise from said PO is just not the same. In Stocky, there is no column or field that totals the cost or the number of units of the merchandise that you are receiving - so there is no way to tie this out with your invoice or packing slip which is big deal- it's very easy for receiving teams to make mistakes.  Unfortunately, I have not found a solution.. still looking.