Inventory Management with landed costs

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I manage a brick & mortar and online store based in Canada.


As we scale up we're finding Stocky is not meeting our needs. 


The biggest problem is that we cannot export accurate landed costs


We require an app that will do the following:


  • Calculate & Export COGS with cost+freight+duties+exchange
  • Support Multi-currency (CAD & USD)
  • Support multiple tax codes
  • Inventory forecasting 

We've evaluated the following & none will meet our needs:

  • Stocky
  • QB Commerce
  • SKUVault
  • Shopventory
  • Inventory Planner Forecasting

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you




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No solutions, but commiseration! We have similar issues with Stocky. Check out Stock&Buy on the Shopify app store... We thought about moving to that system and the developer was very helpful in supplying custom reporting. 

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Hi I am in a similar situation so I feel your pain.

How did you go with this, find any inventory software solution?