Invoice for Shopify Payment Charges?

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Hi there,


I was wondering where I can see/download the invoice for the charges that Shopify Payments charges me. I am aware of the invoices we can get from the Billing section, but these invoices does not include the expense I have from using Shopify Payments. 


Example: I sell for €100,- on the store and I use Shopify payments. Shopify charges me a % fee for the transaction and send me (let's say for example) €95,-. 


A fee is deducted for each sale I do, and this sums up to quite a bit over a month. I need an invoice for these fees. They are not charged to my card, they are deducted from the payments you send me. 


By the way, I have seen the section where I can download the list of fees that I pay, but I am looking for an invoice for these fees? 


Hope this makes sense and hope you can help. 




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Me again... I found it... these invoices can be found here under the "Documents" link in the Payout section

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