Ireland-Dropshipping-China suppliers-International shipping- Taxes???

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Hi to everyone. I just recently start my dropshipping store in Ireland. 

Can anyone tell me what do I need to know about taxes? 

So far as I understand I have to pay sales taxes for some countries. 


Here is what I did:

I selected countryes where I'll ship my products 

I went to taxes setting

Select (Charge taxes on shipping rates)

Then under that was my Tax rate with all the countryes where I'll ship my products

For every country it was showing (Country Tax rate 0%)

I click on each of them and click on (Reset to default tax rates) after which I got correct % of sales tax for each country. 


Now on my checkout page is showing  PRODUCT PRICE + SHIPPING + TAXES = TOTAL PRICE

So is this right think to do? As well is it there anythink else that I need to know about them? 


How can I know when when my product get deliverd that they won't charge taxes again to my customer? 

I would really appreceate every single help and advice about this case. 

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Hi @Robert_Kovac! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I think you did everything correctly! From my end, I'm curious to know what dropshipping app you're using. Have you had the chance to check Spocket out? On Spocket, taxes and custom duties are calculated automatically by our suppliers when a customer buys from you - they adjust it based on the taxes that need to be paid in the country of origin of your customers. Regarding knowing about the status of an item's delivery, suppliers on Spocket give you a tracking number so you can monitor the status of the item's delivery. You also won't have to worry about double charging your customers as we send invoices of every purchase - you also have the option to use branded invoices which are made available to members on Spocket.


Besides the reliability of Spocket as a dropshipping app, its main and best feature is giving you access to thousands of suppliers from the EU and the US. This ensures that you're only provided with items of exceptional quality that can be shipped in as fast as 1-3 days, 3-5 days, or 4-7 days depending on your set-up. In any case, if you're interested to experience these features, you can head on over to Spocket's official website to learn more about the app and sign-up for free - doing so gives you to access to our catalog where you can search for the quality items I mentioned earlier. As well, you can join Spocket's official Facebook group to interact with Spocket users and other dropshippers and ask them for feedback and leads. Hope you can check us out and happy dropshipping!