Irish VAT - selling abroad

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I am based in Ireland and I'm building my first site to sell to US customers (mainly).

I read somewhere (can't find the source now), that Shopify will automatically deduct a 23% from your sales because of VAT in Ireland.

However, it seems that selling abroad (outside EU) is not subject to VAT. Is this correct? If I'm selling to the US should I charge 0% VAT.
In this case, will Shopify still deduct that 23%? Should I be able to claim all this back when filling my annual returns?

I will appreciate any feedback as the information out there is quite confusing and I'd like to know margins in different scenarios.

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Hi Fithos,

Yes, you are correct!

When selling to customers outside of the EU, you should not charge VAT on any goods. Have a look at our VAT guide for Shopify to see more details regarding VAT.

If you have any questions about invoicing, feel free to get in touch at! 🙂

Lenka from Sufio