is it possible to know DURING CHECKOUT if a promo applies to a product and what discounted price (after promo) is?

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a discount code is reflected as its own line after subtotal, then showing the total order amount. but if the order is 3 items and only 1 is qualifies for the promo code, is there a way to know BEFORE CHECKOUT what the price of that 1 item is (with the applied promo)? 

we can pull it after checkout of course, for partial order returns, but want to see if it's possible to calculate at the checkout BEFORE the order is placed. 

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Hi Rae, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question, but this is something which would be very custom if possible at all. The only way I would imagine this is possible without very custom work. I would recommend reaching out to a Shopify Expert directly about seeing if this can be made custom for your store. You can see our list of Shopify Experts in the Expert directory here. But it is a great idea and suggestion. Thank you for bringing it up. 

All the best, 



Nick | Community Moderator @Shopify
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