Is Shopify incorrectly charging GST on fees in Australia?

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OK we are Registered for GST in AUSTRALIA - Have applied our ABN etc. Shopify do NOT change GST on Subscriptions/Payments as they give GST exception. However they are still changing GST on Fees. !!!    When we get the billing report for Fees - No mention of the GST component.  A2X accounting does not seem to know about it either.  They do not supply a GST tax invoice.

I believe Shopify are breaking the GST rules on this .  (I would like to be corrected) 

I have reported to the Gov via BAS  that no GST is being charged on these fees  (As no tax invoice etc) . Shopify MUST pass the exception onto the fees.

I want to claim a GST refund from Shopify.    They need to stop changing the 10% on fees. (As we are exempt just like subscriptions).

Has nobody else seen this ?  What do/did you do ?

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Solved by Shopify Ticket.

  GST is charged on Shopify G/W regardless of registering ABN. - Registering only affects Shopify Subscriptions.

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In our case, we are getting a wrong GST charge, we already tried setting up Tax Overrides (only for Australia) for the shipping fee and also for all of our product collections.
It used to be fine and now I’m getting miscalculations. We’re going around in circles….and orders are coming under-charging for GST.

Could someone please advice if you have an similar issue or How did you go about solving it? 

I can’t seem to get it answered by the Shopify help desk.