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Hiya folks,

New to Shopify coming from Godaddy (spit) and looking for some help please.  Launching new website on Shopify in next 2-3weeks and wonder if anyone can tell me if there is anything out there that will do the following please?  I have never used an accountancy or Inventory package and do it all the hard and long way, especially using GoDaddy.

1. Comprehensive Inventory Management and Accountancy package (I know the main culrprits but can they do the below also)
2. Ability to detail profit on individual items.  Is there a package out there which allows you to enter the cost of each item and then work a burden % for each item, which when a Sale is made will display the net profit?  I am particularily interested in this part and if there is an ability to determine profit on say "offer" sales where a discount is offered on the item. Is there a system that calculates the actual profit in these circumstances?

Any help would be hugely appreciated, excited to get the new website up and running but this is one area I am unsure and anxious about.

Thank you in advance

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