Looking for better visibility into taxes withheld by order

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I was under the impression that Shopify determined an order's taxability based on its shipping region, which is true for a majority of orders, but I realized recently that this is not the case!

I would like a report that shows sales tax collected by order, but also details what jurisdictions the amounts were withheld for.

On my finance search I can see for example that order #2539 had $174 in tax withheld, but it does not say for which jurisdiction. I have to click into order #2539 in order to see that this amount was withheld for CA state tax at 7.25%. Is there a way to see tax dollars withheld, by taxable jurisdiction, sliceable by order number?

The Taxes report does a great job of listing each dollar amount withheld for each jurisdiction, but does not allow me to slice by order.


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