Mobile business taxes and inventory

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Hello everyone, first post and very new with Shopify. My wife has a mobile boutique business that will eventually have a online store as well. We had our launch party yesterday in a city that is not in the business’s tax jurisdiction. As we changed the location of the shop to the new city we ran into an issue that the inventory would not populate automatically. We had to input each item and variant  manually which turned into a very time consuming endeavor. Is there any easier way to transfer the inventory to each new location? The next day we also realized that the inventory had only corrected for the city we had sold in, and not corrected for the home base inventory, we only have one inventory. Is there a way to sync the inventories?

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I'm having pretty much the same problem.  Upon registration with Shopify, my home address became the default "ship from" and "active location" in regard to one of the distributors I dropship from.  So I made a location for the distributor, CB.  Then it caused a bunch of products in the store to show "sold out" when they still had more than 0 inventory.  I found I had to click on a variant, even if there's only one, and change the inventory location back to my address, or to the new CB location I created.  It's weird because the CB app is supposed to auto-sync inventory with any products I import to the store.  But when I imported the products to my store at first, it auto-changed the inventory location to my home address ( which I said was made the default "ship from" address and "active location" ).  Since I had hundreds of products from CB and two other integrated apps, I got overwhelmed with the task of changing all the locations by clicking several times for each product.  When I finished some, I discovered it caused another problem.  In dropshipping, I have to set my active location and ship from address to my home address in order to allow tax calculations to get done automatically at checkout (tax nexus and all that).  So, changing back to my home address has caused another round of "sold out" products.  It's a good thing I didn't upload more than 200 products, and half of them were showing "sold out" lol.  Shopify is a maze of impractical integrations / work-arounds so far.  Last but not least, I don't know the answer or solution to it.  There should be a bulk option to change location of selected products, or by any chosen 'attribute' of products (SKU, category, type, location, stock, etc).  And it should not be tied directly to one exclusive location.  I'm surprised I haven't heard of a lawsuit yet regarding this nonsense.