My Printful and Shopify profit not adding up?

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Hey, so i have recently made an e-commerce website with shopify and im using printful as an app to create my apparel with.

In the last month ive sold $190 (aud) worth of apparel and only recieved $15 profit?, while Printful has a report saying i should of made close to $60 profit.

Also when a customer purchase's a product shopify charges my linked visa card the total amount the customer has spent (minus shipping), when im guessing it should only charge me the amount printful charge for their product and not what my store charges.

Eg, I sell a product for $40, when a customer purchases it they're charged $54, so shopify charges my account $44 when printful says the order should of only cost $32? (including shipping and taxes)

Bit angry so could someone please explain why this is happening and how i can fix it.

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Hi, Connor. 


I can fully appreciate how frustrating of a situation this is, especially when money is on the line. Hopefully, I'll be able to provide some context into the ordering process and how the charges work so that we can clear up any confusion!

For starters, from my knowledge, Printful will charge you in USD, as well as reflect the cost of its items in USD when looking at them within their dashboard. If you're selling in AUD, then this could be why you're seeing different values as there is a bit of a difference between the two currencies. 

I'm going to dive into the ordering process below to provide some context on where the changes occur, and what should be happening when an order is placed. This example does assume that your account is using Shopify Payments as your payment processor. 

  1. Customer places order for $54 AUD (product cost is $40 USD)
  2. Printful receives the order and charges you the cost of the product ($40 USD) to the payment method you added to your Printful account. 
  3. Shopify processes the $54 AUD, automatically deducts credit card rates based on your plan and deposits them into the bank account you've added to your account. 
  4. Printful processes the order, and ships it out on your behalf. 

In this example, your profit would be just less than $14 due to the credit card rates that apply to each order processed through Shopify Payments as well as currency conversion. That being said, Shopify shouldn't be charging you the amount for the order, and should only be depositing those amounts. Would you be able to double check whether these are charges or deposits? If they are charges, then feel free to provide further information on that as I'd be happy to get that sorted out. 

As mentioned above, I do think that since you're charging in AUD, and Printful charges and showcases cost in USD that this is the reason behind the confusion. I'd highly recommend reaching out to Printful Support as they would be able to ensure the values you're seeing on their dashboard are accurate. You can reach them via email: by starting up a chat on their support page here:

I hope that information helps, however, should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply back here and I'd be happy to help out! 


Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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No it definitely is CHARGING me. I'm in the US
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I too, am having the same problem.  Profits not adding up correctly.  I just sold my first 2 products, which are from Printful.  One is a Tshirt and the other a tank top, both selling for $27 each on my store.  When I created them, printful said it would cost $18.88 to make one and $17.44 for the other. Altogether, my profits should have came out to be $16.68 once those 2 products sold. Printful BILLED ME $24 for one and $23 for the other, which left me only making a $10 profit for both products sold.  The math does not add up here.