Need Help With Taxes and Visa For Egypt

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Hello Shopify Community,


This is Jamila, new to the whole dropshipping world. I have been a Virtual assistant to a couple of clients who own dropshipping stores, placing orders SEO etc.


I would love to open a shopify store and start my own journey dropshipping, since I got to know all the pros and cons while working for clients, I hope to succeed. I live in Egypt and have been receiving a weekly payments by my clients through paypal, the problem i am experiencing is that Paypal in Egypt does an auto withdrawal every month to my linked visa and it changes my dollars to Egyptian pounds (which i dont want because i need to make payment in Dollars for aliexpress & shopify).  So I have family living in the United States that I decided to send all my weekly payments to them so they can save it for me in US Dollars until i decide to open my Dropshipping store.


My question is, can i open a shopify store from egypt linked to a US paypal (not mine) ?? And how about sales taxes?? if I open it with the US paypal here in Egypt will i have to pay the sales taxes for USA?? 

Please someone help me in this because i am very confused with this, and dont understand a lot about taxes.


And if you are an egyptian with a dropshipping store can you please tell me what visa or credit cards I can use here in egypt for my store and aliexpress.


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