New at Shopify I need to get a financial report

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Hello my name is Steve and I’m new at shopify I need help to do my monthly report and see how much money I made basically I need to get how much money came in my account and how much money came out for shipping and how much did I get billed for fees and other fees I’m not aware of so I could give it to my accountant to do my taxes is there a way to get this in Shopify I looked in finances summary but there’s no Shopify monthly fees there or credit cards fees or anything Also I am confused with the taxes that I’m charging for my items I wanna know if Shopify pays for that automatically or I have to do that separate how do I know if Shopify pays the taxes automatically for me to the IRS or I have to pay it out of my own pocket 

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You can get much of what you need from the finance summary. The payments are in a completely different place - under settings / Payments. There is a button to look at payouts by day. 

if you want to look at everything together, you can use our free app Report Toaster.

Feel free to take a look and let me know if you need any help. Thanks!

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Hello @Mysticbotanica ,

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I am John from Report Pundit, a reporting and analytics app with more than 500 five-star reviews.

I believe you are looking for 5 types of reports., Following reports might be helpful for you.

  • Sales report:  Generate a report  with Order details, Product details, financial status, payment amounts, discounts, financial status, etc
  • Shipping report:  Know the Shipping label amount, Total shipping, Shipping method, shipping status, etc.
  • Transaction report: Know the details behind each transaction along with payment gateway names, payment methods transaction amount, etc.
  • Payouts report:  Generate Shopify payout, Paypal payouts, Amazon pay, Stripe & Klarna  reports
  • Tax report: Generate tax reports by county, state, province country, etc.
Our team can customize the above reports based on your requirement. Feel free to contact our experts via live chat support or email us at 
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