New York Under $110 Apparel Tax Exemption

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I'm trying to set up the tax information in my store but I'm having a hard time finding information on it. The only info I was able to find was from 5 years ago so I'm hoping Shopify has a better solution now.

In NY, any clothing or footwear sold for less than $110 is exempt from the state tax of 4%. So for any order from a customer in NY (where we're based) they should only be charged the county tax as long as the item is under $110. On top of that, there are 7 counties where that item would also be exempt from the county tax. For example, if someone in Albany County purchases a t-shirt for $19.99, they should only be charged the 4% Albany County tax rate, but if they live in Hamilton County, they shouldn't be charged either tax. 

Right now, if that same customer purchases the same t-shirt, they get charged the Albany County tax or Hamilton County tax, as well as an additional 4% NYS tax. No matter what they're getting charged both tax rates. I need to figure out a way to exempt these products from that 4% state tax, and set up those exclusions for the 7 other counties. Any ideas?

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