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Greetings! I will be opening my online store in few days. Excited and nervous.  I have a question about nexus.  Would the location of my dropshipping stores ( at the moment just two ) be considered nexus?  I will have products shipping from my house ( FL ). THANK YOU!

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Hi Oma,

I would refer you to at Taxjar's website to get clarification on whether you need to collect sales taxes or not.  Ned Lenhart does a real nice job demystifying this complex issue.


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Many States are making it easier to collect sales tax by expanding the definition of nexus in their State, we have seen some States say that a simple dropship location creates nexus, others are approaching this by the number of transactions, others by the location of a wharehouse. In our Accounting Firm we suggest most of our clients look at TaxJar as a solution to streamline their Sales Tax Reporting process.

I would also suggest working with an Accounting Firm that is intemetly involved with eCommerce businesses, when dealing with Sales Tax you do want to make sure you have a good Accounting process in place. A good Accounting Firm can help make sure you are capturing all require information.

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