no taxes for international customers

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International customers do not have to pay VAT.

To clear a hurdle we want to sell our products in net prices to international customers, in that case its cheaper for them and they are more likely willing to buy a product (they have more expensive shipping costs anyway).

Now we have done this:

(TLTR: store / checkout in net prices, but calculating gross prices on the frontend website ), which works OK. (not to mention that calculating VAT on top makes uneven numbers, eg. 165,01 instead of 165,00 with 19% german VAT)


Big downside: On other sales channels like Instagram and Facebook our net prices are shown.

Did anybody scope with the same problem, how to solve this?




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u ever solve this?

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No, apparently not a good one.

There are no good solutions for the different tax modes.

I already told the support, but I think they wont listen.


What we did on the shop is the following:
We changed all prices back to gross prices. Through a pop up we show international customers a discount code, we check this via the ip and an external service. This discount translate to the taxes they would have saved.