One Product, Two Variants, Three Tax Rates - Possible?

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We are setting up a store to sell online webinars for cooking classes. There are three configurations for purchasing a class and in our city/state (Minneapolis, MN USA) each add-on/variant gets a different tax rate. 

Class $30 + retail tax 8.025%
Food Kit $75 + food tax 11.025%
Wine Pairing $35 + liquor tax 13.525%

So someone can buy just the class and that portion is taxed the 8.025%. They can also choose to have the class and add the Food Kit and/or the Wine Pairing, but each of those items needs to be taxed at different rates. How would I do this with Shopify? I don't think variants will do it, so do I need an app for add-ons?\



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