OneSaas vs. Carry The One Xero integrations

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Hi all,

I'd love to hear some opinions on the quality of the OneSaas vs. the Carry The One integration with Xero. Have you tried one of them and have an opinion? Have you perhaps tried both?

Thanks in advance!

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Tej here from ZapStitch. While you may have looked at the above alternatives, we believe we do the sync in a much easier and seamless manner. We are the No 1 rated and ranked Accounting app in Shopify App Store. We are preparing to launch our Xero integration

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OneSaas and Carry The One are definitely good choices. But you should check ZapStitch as well. It is currently a top-rated app in Shopify app store for Shopify- QuickBooks Online and Shopify-Xero integration. For more details, you can check here:

Apart from normal data sync like- products, customers and orders, Using ZapStitch, you can even sync taxes, refunds, inventory and Payment fee data as well.

If you have any other query regarding the solution, feel free to write back. I`ll be glad to assist you.


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