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Where/How can I either find a report/export that has both order details and payout details. Mainly I need order #, customer name, items, fees, prices, payments, shipping, and payout date. There are other desired details but those would help a lot!! You can't even sort/filter the orders by payout date and none of the payout/transaction exports have any order details. PLS HELP!!

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Currently, Shopify reports have limitations in creating custom reports. However, you can overcome this with a reporting tool that helps you build reports with all the data you need for analysis, schedule them, and integrate data from multiple apps.

If your Shopify business relies on custom reports for decision-making, check out Report Pundit with our free 14-day trial. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

sample report for reference:
test report 2.pngtest report.png


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