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OSS registration

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Hi everyone,


I just joined this community, in the hopes to find some information on the new VAT rules.

My store is based in Spain, I'm launching my product next month.

Do I need to register for OSS if I'm making less than 10k a year across Europe?

If so, will I be able to have the vat amount refunded after declaration?

I'm very confused, hopefully, someone can help me out?





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You do not need to register if the sale to other EU countries is less than  10k. This coming from our accountant. We are launching this month and he has advised us to hold off, if it looks like we will reach the threshold then we can register. It's a lot of return to each individual country, so why stress when it's not necessary. I recommend talking to your accountant about this though, as he/she will be able to advise better based on your company information.