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So I recently joined Shopify but have been doing business for a couple months now. I have always had a scale and measured each package down to the ounce and entered the package size, and none of that has changed since starting Shopify. 

Although I noticed a $131 adjustment taken from my payout? I looked on their discussions and it says that an adjustment is when my package weight/size is wrong. I’ve never had an issue with this pre-Shopify. I also noticed that in their explanation of what an adjustment is they provide a photo of what it looks like in the product’s that was purchased transaction history. I checked EVERY SINGLE ORDER TRANSACTION (which was over 80) and not one of my orders said price/label adjusted. 

So it looks to me that Shopify has just taken $131 out of my payout with no explanation. There is no way there was $131 of extra shipping charges when I’ve used shipping platforms before and never had this problem. So if this is how Shopify does their business I want no part in it. Taking $131 of someone’s profit is just wrong and with no explanation. I accurately describe package size and weight down to the OUNCE. So I really need to know why they’re taking my money because frankly at this point I’m going to cancel my subscription if it means I’m losing so much money. I’d rather do business elsewhere. 

So if someone has had a similar problem/solution to this please help because Shopify customer support hasn’t answered and I refuse to do business on this platform with this going on which slows down my business. 

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Did you get an answer? I had a ton of these hit my bank account on Sept 17th from orders back in May and I know they are completely false overrages

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The really shady part is how it occurs so long afterwards and you have no idea it happened unless you look at each order.  There is no notification on the admin home page (it should be).  These phantom charges are bs.  There is no way to prove your case, especially when it shows up months later.  FIX THIS, SHOPIFY!

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My store delivered and tracked customer fulfilled orders to the destination address. The destination address was in Hayward, CA with an account# in the Street field.

The account number was a freight forwarding subscription Account Number(leased shipping container with third party shipper). Leased container was most likely going to the philippines.

My shopify store asked me to further verify the recipients address. I did. I decided to ship to the customer. Shopify set up a reserve (held my payouts) stating that there was going to be chargebacks.  The Chargeback reserve was  aprox +$2600.00  . My dropshipping store encountered chargebacks. I submitted tracking and email evidence that items we delivered to the US address.  No resolution was provided yet I Just recieved an adjustment to my payout balance for aprox -$2,500.00 did they just wipe out my positive reserve balance or pay me $2,500.00 out off the held reserve? need accounting help and explanation of what is taking place.

cant reach support and need help. not happy. 😞