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Prepare your business for Brexit message

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Hello! Can someone explain me please! I receivied a message saying this "Prepare your business for Brexit-Make sure your European Union and United Kingdom tax settings comply with the new laws before January 1, 2021 with the button asking me to change the tax settings

What do I have to change on VAT on my tax settings.

If anyone understand please help!

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I'm having this problem too! My accountant says we no longer charge VAT to EU customers, however I can't work out how to do that as the price seems to remain the same as for UK customers but just not include tax, which is wrong. 

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It appears that Shopify has seen fit to warn users that Brexit means tax changes but unfortunately those countries which are deemed to be EU are stuck in that category for VAT purposes, I have tried to 'release' countries from the shipping profile to the list of 'all countries' (Tax Regions) in 'Taxes' but this does not work, I simply need to be able to release countries from EU (effectively but not actually), this will also be a requirement for any EU country exporting to post Brexit UK.

There's a sort of workaround but it require all products to be in a MANUAL collection (sadly can not be done by spreadsheet or automatically) then the product and shipping Tax attributes can be changed, of course this only works after virtual registration of each EU country to 'Collect Vat' - then each country can be set to zero rate.