Quickbooks and Xero Sync Apps by Shopify - No Longer Free?!

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My client just forwarded me an email from the CEO of BOLD saying they have taken ownership of the Quickbooks sync and now want to charge him $20 a month.


I can't hate on BOLD for charging for their apps - this same client uses Quantity Breaks, Product Options, and Marketplace.

I am miffed that Shopify would outsource a business critical piece of their platform that was previously offered for free. Square has a free connector. I can sync my PayPal transactions for free too. This seems like a move in the wrong direction for a company actively pursuing a high growth strategy.

IDK - maybe I should be directing this at Intuit? They seem to be the developer of most of the free connectors. Did anyone from Shopify reach out to ask them to take this over?

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