"We were unable to verify your VAT number" - please help

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Hi everyone,

as per the subject - when in the settings, "Billing" section, I get an error with the VAT number I put (see below screenshot #1), which is however correct as also confirmed from the 2nd screenshot here below. Can anyone suggest what's wrong here and how to fix this? I need this for accounting purposes. Thanks so much upfront!

screenshot #1



screenshot #2





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Hi there, @JoshuaRX. Thanks for reaching out to the Shopify Community with your VAT question here.


Appreciate the screenshots you've provided here. It definitely helps out with figuring out what's going on. Sometimes, we see this error pop up if the VAT number being used isn't registered, or it's not a cross-border VAT. When it comes to troubleshooting, the first step is to double check to make sure that you're entering in the number correctly when attempting to validate.


If you attempt to validate again and it doesn't work, your next step is to double-check the status of the validation of the VAT. You can use this website here to do so. If you receive messaging that says 'YES', then your number is valid and should be getting accepted. If you get messaging that says 'NO', then it's likely that your VAT isn't valid for crossborder - which is needed for Shopify to accept it for billing purposes. If you get the 'no', then you'll want to reach out to your tax authority to inquire about having your VAT set up for cross-border.


Please give the above steps a try, and reply here and let me know how things go. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your reply.

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Imogen ,

As per my previous screenshot - I've been using the same website you suggested and our VAT is a valid VAT number (see below).



Despite that, however, we are still not able to get Shopify to accept our VAT.... This is causing us trouble with our accounting.

Could you please escalate this issue internally? Urgent Matter.