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Re: HS codes & country of origin

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i have 2 questions:

1- Concerning the country of origin in the product section, in my situation i am in canada and i imported some products from another country and now i am selling them from canada to oversears:

do i put country of origin canada or the oversea country that i shippied to product from ?


2- Concerning the HS CODES, what HS code i put in the product section since i am shipping to multiple countries? because first when i am looking for HS Codes from canada it s asking me a destination, and since i have multiple destination, how do i put a default HS CODE? Based on what?


Thank you


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1. Country of origin is that according to the "rules of origin" which would normally be the country of manufacture. Not the country the item was shipped from.

2. 6 digit hs code for export only so you probably just need this. You'd only need the import code 8, 10 etc if you were the one importing.

Try these guys for hs codes and other advice 

Hope this helps.