Reconciling bulk payouts

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Hi there, I am looking for some advice.

We have just started using shopify in our vineyard shop. We are unsure of the most efficient way to reconcile the bulk payouts that are deposited into our bank account via Shopify. 

I need to break down each transaction and reconcile each purchase in our shop against different things i.e. sales of shop stock, sales of wine, sales of tours but this is really difficult when they are depositing the money in bulk and we can have a lot of transactions per day.

Can anybody help please?

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Hi there,

I have the same problem and have found somewhat of a workaround - but it's not pretty. You can look up what orders were included in your payout (search "payout" in the top bar), then you can export all the orders that are in each payout if you click "view transactions". Once you have the first and last order#'s included in the payout, you can go to the finance reports section and pull the sales for the range of orders that are included - looks like below:




We also use a couple of add-on apps that help with reporting and it gives you more detail than this and they're not too expensive.


Hope that helps!