Reconciling PayPal transactions from two Shopify stores - help!

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Hi there,

We have 2 Shopify stores running at the moment - one for our retail customers and the other for our wholesale customers. The stores sell the same products at different prices, and both have PayPal Express activated and are linked to one PayPal business account. 

We are struggling when reconciling as there is no easy way of telling the transactions (b2c vs b2b) apart. We cannot set a prefix as Shopify order numbers sadly do not appear in PayPal's reporting - only a Transaction ID and invoice number. 

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hello @pompommag ,

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Report Pundit can fetch the data from Paypal API for the Shopify orders payout. We have the option to show transaction ID, the transaction fee for each order, Net amount, Invoice number, Shopify order numbers, etc for both the Shopify stores.

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