Refund and Sales Tax

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I have an order placed by a customer in NY for which sales tax was charged.  When we received the funds for the order, we received the funds for the product and sales tax amount was adjusted.  The item purchased was damaged, and we need to refund the customer.  


So, I have few questions:

     1. Does Shopify retain the sales tax collected to report and remit the the various states?

     2. When a customer who was charged sales tax is requesting a refund AND we did not received the funds for the sales tax, what amount am I refunding to the customer - the amount that was forwarded by Shopify or the amount plus tax?

     3. If we state to refund the customer the cost plus sales tax, will Shopify automatically collect from our account only the amount that was originally remitted to us by Shopify (i.e. cost of item less sales tax)?

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