Reporting taxes with 2 different tax rates - Messed up organization in reports

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I have been trying to find a solution for this myself since January this year.


We have 2 VAT rates. 25% on most items we sell, and 15% on some food products, determined by a hidden collection containing all our items with food.


It displays the correct VAT in the order confirmations and receipts and all. But the problem starts when we are to actually report these taxes to the government. 


One would naturally assume that since we have set up our "main" tax rate to be 25%, that "Tax Rate 1" is 25%. Or, 0.25. And then that tax rate 2 would be everything sold under the 15% tax rate. That makes perfect sense to me both from an UX perspective, and with logic. 


But in the reports from Shopify, or rather, the logic of Shopify, the tax rate itself changes if there are more than one tax class present. Which then outputs tax rate 1 as 0.15! How.the.**bleep**.would.that.make.sense to anyone?


This severely flawed logic makes all other reports we need useless, and impossible to bundle. Here is what I mean:

Skjermbilde 2020-04-22 kl. 21.33.57.png


For some added context, we need to report the total amount the different taxes should be determined from when we do our VAT taxes in Norway. 1 000 000 in sales with 25%, and 100 000 in sales with 15% for example. Which equals 250 000 in 25% VAT, and 15 000 in 15% VAT. 


Here is how it appears in reports:

Skjermbilde 2020-04-26 kl. 16.54.21.png


Has anyone found a way to make this work? Is Shopify aware of this flaw, and working on a fix? Or is there a good explanation to why it has been made like this that I haven't realized yet?

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