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I am looking to find a report that shows how much I made per item with shipping included, is this possible? I found the Sales by Product report which shows the number of items I sold and my gross sales but it doesn't show how much was charges for shipping for that product. Can someone tell me if it's something I can add, or should I run a different report? I added the "Shipping" but it shows $0. 

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Hey @MikeGray88 !


Katy here from Shopify - I hope you are well, and thanks for reaching out here.


Great question! Within the Analytics > Reports section of your admin, you can filter shipping per order, but not by product specifically. Shipping rates are an order-level measurement and can't really be broken down on a per product/SKU level. For this reason they do show up okay on order reports like 'Sales over time' but not on the 'Sales by product' report as you mention.


Instead, when you add the shipping rate column into these reports, it will display shipping as $0.00 - which is expected behavior in this case.


The reason for this that it often wouldn't make sense to calculate for shipping per item when working with orders that include multiple items. For example, if an order had three line items in it and the shipping rate was $10.00, there wouldn't really be an intuitive way to break that shipping down per product. If you were to say that all products had $10.00 in shipping, then adding each line item's shipping rate together would make the shipping look like it's $30.00 ($10.00 in shipping x 3 line items = $30.00). Conversely, dividing the $10.00 by three line items doesn't really work either. Showing each line item as having $3.33 in shipping would be then missing the $0.01 and wouldn't give an accurate representation.

What you can do however, is access a lump sum of shipping in these reports if you were to remove the default "Sales item type is product" filter like so:




And ensure to have 'shipping' checked-off under the columns tab. This will then show you a lump sum amount that is shipping + order level returns.

You may also view details of shipping per order within your Finance reports:  Admin > Analytics > Reports > Finances > Finance Summary > Sales> Shipping. Which gives you a detailed breakdown of your shipping costs per order.


We also have some more info on this here within our help center guide. I hope this helps to clarify for you, but do please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.






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We have a metric called "Order line items" through which we can create sales by product report and show you the sales for each line item along with shipping cost.


The order line item metrics will give you the sales and shipping information for each order you receive in Shopify.


Please Install "Data Export" and contact us through the chat, we will help you to create the report.


Alternatively, you can contact us through