Sales Orders Not Being Exported from Shopify to Quickbooks Because of "Tax Issue"

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Hi. I'm in California. Our Shopify sales orders are set up to automatically export to Quickbooks on a daily basis. Sales orders that are made in the counties/cities (two) where we have a physical presence export over with no problem. Sales orders that are out of state with no sales tax charged are exported over as well  However, when we have a sale in the same state (CA) but a different county and city, the sales order does not export over.  I have had to manually create sales orders in QB when this occurs.  I don't see a way to fix this in my tax settings?  Help!

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Hey Yvonne,

Nick here from Shopify.

That sounds like you do not have the correct corresponding tax codes set up in quickbooks. The taxcodes need to be the exact same in both platforms, for each possible taxation rate.

I'd suggest reaching out to our Support Channels for more help on this, our Gurus can take a look and find the odd tax rate you need to add in quickbooks.

Hope this helps!

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Which integration are you using, and what does the full thing say? In the Unify integration, it is a matter of telling the integration where the tax is calculated so QB does not try and recalculate them. 

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Have any luck with this?  We have a similar issue in NY state and it occurs when we have more than one county with the same tax rate.  Shopify support is stating that we can't have two counties with the same tax rate or the export won't know which county to assign it to in Quickbooks.  Doesn't seem to make sense since the rates are labeled with the county name and are automatically created in Quickbooks the first time we charge tax in a county.  Also doesn't explain why the export would completely fail.

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I'm having this problem with WA State Sales tax.  It appears each WA order collecting taxes errors out and I need to enter it manually.  It seems that there is a rounding difference between the tax calculated in Shopify (each municipality) and the tax calculation in Quickbooks.  Often it is different by a penny ($0.01), but can also match exactly.

This doesn't seem to happen for my CA and UT taxable sales.  Our ship from location is based in WA as well, so I wonder if it has something to do with that.

The Support Channels link that was posted by Nick is no longer valid.