Re: Sales report with shop pay and paypal fee

Sales report with shop pay and paypal fee

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I'm looking for a report that shows not only my sales, taxes but also the shop pay / paypal fee per line item.  Does this exist?

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Hi @FCMD ,

This is John from Report Pundit. Report Pundit is a cost-effective app that is helping merchants take data-driven actions.

With Report Pundit it is possible to show Shop pay, Paypal transaction fee along with the sales and tax in the line item level.

Additionally, you can Auto-match and know the detail behind each bank deposit from Shopify & Paypal. Details like the order number, products, taxes, refunds, shipping, or any other custom field.

We have pre-created transaction and billing reports as well. Some of the transaction  and billing reports you can try in Report Pundit are:

Succeeded Transactions
Failed Transactions
Pending Transactions
Paypal Details & Reconciliation
Stripe Details & Reconciliation
Payment Gateway Report
Total Transaction Value by Gateway
Gift Card Transactions

Our live customer support team can create a report for you instantly. You can also contact us at


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