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sales tax in the U.S. for multiple sellers in my store

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I'm new to Shopify. I am going to launch a store where multiple sellers can sell and ship products to buyers. I am facing sales tax issue.

Generally, sales tax in the US is subject whether shipping destiantion is tax presense of the seller in the state.

Shopify tax setting doens't functionate for multiple sellers. there are app of Marketplace by Bold and Multi Vendor Marketplace by Webkul. however, neither of app compute sales tax properly. it allows to set taxable or not per product but not a shipping destiantion. this is a wrong way.


Please advise how the store owner of multi sellers deal with sale tax.





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I also need help with this issue. It looks like Webkul used to integrate with Taxjar, but it seems it no longer does. does anyone have tips for this? 

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Did you ever find a solution to this?  I am also facing this issue and both Webkul and Shopify support say it's beyond their scope to help.  I feel stuck.