Sales tax nexus report now requires a % of sales fee to view?????

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Shopify previously provided a sales tax liability report that would show you if you were approaching a sales tax nexus in any state.  This was useful information and was included as a standard financial report. 


I went to go review it and find it is no longer included with any Shopify plan.


Not only is this basic but critical information not available you now have to pay a percentage of sales just to get access to it again.   They charge .35% of sales to access this.  If you average $100k/month you are looking at $4,200 a year EXTRA just to get access to this report.  This is in addition to all your other Shopify fees and subscriptions.


Thanks Shopify for continuing to take away features that were previously included and not only making them part of a higher tier plan but going above and beyond to charge a percentage of sales.  Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired.  

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