Sales Tax not being collected. Help

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Can someone help me include sales tax in the cost of my items?


My tax settings look like this:


And for US it looks like this:



Does this mean I am only collecting sales tax on sales in California? I am based in California so I assume all sales should have sales tax charged. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks!


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I'm having the same problem and super puzzled by this. Shopify is collecting tax from CA sales, but everywhere else doesn't pay. It seems like if you want  to collect sales tax in other states you need a sellers ID which makes no sense... 

I don't have have an explanation on why this is happening, but yes what is happening is that Shopify is charging tax on orders from your state. 


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Has anyone found a solution to this? We're having the same issue.

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Hi all,

Usually, there are three possible causes as to why taxes are missing on your orders and invoices:

  • The country tax rate is not configured properly.
  • The product is not set as taxable.
  • The customer is set as tax-exempt.

I would recommend double-checking the above to make sure that everything will work well. Also, feel free to check more details in our article regarding missing tax on Shopify orders and invoices.

I hope it helps!

- Lenka from Sufio

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i have checked and all of the three mentioned possible issues are not present, but my store still does not collect taxes. Can anyone help?

Thank you!


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I am having this issue as well.

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Do you have the box checked that taxes are included? This was the solution to my problem. I was including taxes and have changed, but forgot to uncheck the box. Now that the box is not checked, taxes are being collected. I hope this helps!