Sales Taxes not correctly calculated since Thursday 7/18

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There was a change to the back end that broke the sales tax calculations for our brick and mortar location in Lakewood Colorado sometime on Thursday afternoon. The taxes have been calculated correctly since November of last year when we opened, now they have changed to a combination of Jefferson and Denver county taxes that don't make any sense and undercharge by 3%. There was a change that caused this, and support is telling me tough luck, taxes are only calculated based on zip code? That makes no sense - reporting will be broken in multiples states, because zip codes have very little to do with county and city boundaries.


If any of the engineers are actually paying attention, Please fix this! I don't need to be stuck paying another several % for something like Avalara because you can't get one of the most basic pieces of commerce right - WHICH USED TO WORK UNTIL THURSDAY!

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