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I want to make shop with digital products but I have problem with VAT. I live in Europe and I want to make business in my country but I don't know how I can pay VAT for countries outside the European Union. In UE we have a MOSS system that provides VAT to each European Union country. I know that I need to contact each country individually and tell about tax and law. There are many countries in the world and I am not in a position to contact and talk with them about VAT.

Does anyone sell you digital products and can tell me how to solve the problem ?





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Hi, Tom.

This is Max from the Shopify Guru Team. 

It would be best to check in with your local authority about the taxes you should be claiming and charging. Here's the business tax section of the UK government's site

You might also find that consulting an accountant could help you with this! Best of luck getting set up. If you need any more help with things defined within the Shopify admin, this doc would be a good place to start. 


Max | Social Care @ Shopify
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I ask about sell outside the European Union to country such as: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and etc. In UE we have a MOSS system that provides VAT to each European Union country, but I accountants and government officials they told me that I have to go to each country to register to pay VAT individually. This is a bit crazy because I do not even know where to call and what language I have to speak.

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Hi Tommax, 

This is Katy from Sufio. I just replied to your other thread here. However, I just read your other comment.

I am not really a tax expert but I don't think it is necessary to register for VAT in the country you're selling to unless your sales to that particular country exceed a certain threshold.

The fact is that if you're selling digital goods worldwide, you will need to make some research as to what tax rates apply in the country you're selling to, but that does not require you to make any calls or registrations. Once you know about the concrete tax rates, you just set the taxes in your Shopify store and you're all set. In the link I posted, please scroll down to section "Selling digital goods". 

Hope this helps! 

Katy @ Sufio, invoicing app for Shopify stores