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setting up different tax for food items and Alcoholic items

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We are a hotel that will be selling hotel amenity on our shopify account. Is there a way to designate a tax rate for a specific item or it can only be done by using the "Tax overrides" function on designated "collections"

For example under "In-room Delivery" collection, we have cheese plate and local beer, is there a way to set cheese plate to have just 5% tax and local beer to have 15% tax which is actually the case in the province we operate.

Or is the only option to use the "tax overrides" function to set the "food collection" with 5% tax and another "alcoholic collection" with 15% tax? Our Food and Beverage Director is leaning towards to have all the food and beverage items under one collection but we couldn't figure out a way to have different tax rates applied to different items in the same collection. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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To the best of my knowledge this is not possible in Shopify and even if it is, it is quite confusing to have zone wise taxes + overrides.

I suggest you explore a simple Invoicing plugin to manage taxes outside Shopify in such cases. offers one such utility, there will be many others on the app store.

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Were you able to find an answer on this?  We have a similar situation where we sell food/candy items which are taxed at the state level at a different rate than non-food items. These items still need to have county/city taxes applied, but the override is applied and only the state taxes are charged.

Has to be a common use case...

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These are POS sales.  No food/special tax items are sold online.


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We have the same issue here!  Grocery items are taxed at a different rate than other items.  Any answers presented by Shopify yet?


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All of my products are food, for which there is a different tax rate than the regular tax rate in my location. Has this been answered somewhere? I don't want to over-charge my customers on taxes.