Shipping from China to Romania

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I recently started Shopify and wanted to try Dropshipping for the first time. I don't really know what do to with all the custom taxes. You see, my store is based in Romania and I order products from China. The thing is I don't know if I should charge or how to charge the custom taxes or how to prevent them, because China is not in the EU. And because of that, every package that is shipped outside of the EU is going to the mail, not to the customer's house. I have free shipping on all of my products, but I guess it doesn't matter and it is still going to charge custom taxes. The customers have to go to the mail to get their orders, but I was wandering if I could partner up with any Romanian shipping service (Cargus, FanCourier, SameDay) to ship the item from the mail to the customer's house.

Does that work? Or what should I do? Please, respond to me if anyone knows, I'm literally disappointed because if I can't do nothing, then my hours of work are just gone.

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