Shipping Taxes from UE, to UE and other European countries

Shipping Taxes from UE, to UE and other European countries

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Hi all


The store we are setting up, is located in Portugal and products will be shipped from Portugal to EU countries and to other European countries (e.g. Norway, UK, ...).
The store is defined as OSS (One-Stop Shop).
For the tests we made, the product value varies depending on the destination country, which is correct.
Example: product value 10.00 + 23% (PT) = 12.30
For Luxembourg it shows 11,70 (17% VAT)
For Hungary, 12,70 (27% VAT) is shown
For Norway, 10,00 (excl. VAT) is shown
The value of the shipping, however, is what is defined in the shipping rates and is the same for Luxembourg, Hungary and Norway.

As far as I have been informed, the shipping rates to Portugal should be VAT added. For all other countries no.
So, it seems that we will have to "correct" the values of the rates manually, in the respective table. Adding the VAT only for Portugal.
Will it be like this?


Thank you.

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For solving this issue


I have built a collection for VAT in Portugal


1-self explanatory

2-I previous created a collection to where I add regularly all the items in the store

3-Added the VAT of Portugal sold goods to Portugal.



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Hi Pedrofy and Ruimgspereira,

We have some issues with our Invoicing software, namely in syncing stocks. Can I ask which software do you use for the invoicing process?

Thank you