Shopify 1099K for 2023 may take 24 - 72 hours?

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I just got off chat with a rep and they say that they are working on getting everyone their 1099K. The rep gave a time line of 24 - 72 hours though. Only alternative is manually generating the list of 1099K transactions which some forum posters have said is more accurate than the official Shopify 1099K as Shopify does not deduct their fees from the official form:

Go to Shopify Finances → Payouts → Transactions.

If they have been issued a 1099-K at any point in the past, there will be an option to export '1099-K transactions’.

Export from Jan 1 - Dec 31 for the tax year they're concerned about, to see if the total of column H (Amount) is over the threshold. Please ensure you have requested export permission as outlined here. 

If this is over the threshold, but there is no form, please reach out to our live support team for further assistance. 

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