Shopify Holding Account in Quickbooks is Negative Balane

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Hello - I am looking to get some insight on an issue I am seeing with my Shopify in transit holding account. I currently have all transaction level details being synced to QuickBooks online such that any sale and any payment run through the holding account which should give agree to the ending holding amount in shopify.


At some point in December, the shopify holding account went into a negative position, which really doesn't make much sense to me. This either means that all the sales are not being synced or we are receiving too many payments? Both of which I am not sure how would happen as qbo<>shopify is not showing any discrepancies in synced data. I suppose it could also be related to refunds, but am not really sure how. 


Anyone else have this issue or insights they can provide?


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Have you reviewed each day to see if the recorded sales match Shopify? I look at the posted income for each day and compare that to the summary report in Shopify. There have been a few days where the totals didn't match and when we contacted Shopify they responded that they had an issue and once we reposted, everything matched. Another possibility is the sales/payment platforms (shopify, Affirm, Paypal, Facebook, Walmart, etc.) Are the sales all posting correctly?