Shopify is collecting wrong tax!! This is the second time they have not updated sales tax tables...

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Shopify help sucks!

Vail Colorado 81657 updated their tax table for Jan  1 2023...I called shopify to tell them its not collecting the correct amt....they said they would pass it on...Who is going to pay the shortage of sales tax collected so far in January 2023...Shopify?? They should be since someone t is incapable of doing their job..We pay for a system that should be reliable and accurate...This happened last January also and it took them till June to fix it and even then it did not allow me to update the sales tax from 8.4% to 8.9% in 2022.  They still had to try and merge it to correct it..


Now the system still thinks county, city and state are still 8.4%...when in actual fact is has been 9.4% since January 1 2023..  


No one will take responsibility at all....  shopify is a complete let down...if your looking at shopify, do your research and beware.....

Alvara has it correct...


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